Surrealism & Psychoanalysis. Conquest of the Irrational?

This conference addressed the impact of psychoanalysis on Surrealism and the impact of Surrealism on psychoanalysis.

It brought together art historians, psychoanalysts, authors and artists to reflect on the many facets of this relationship.

Illustration by Martin Bladh from 'The Rorschach Text', 2015

Anouchka Grose – Narcissism, Censorship and the Unconscious


Martin Bladh – The Rorschach Text (reading)


Krzysztof Fijalkowski – The Question of Play Analysis: Surrealism, Psychoanalysis and the Game of Symbolically Functioning Objects


Sharon Kivland – The Missed Encounter (reading)


David Lomas – A Language of Flowers: Surrealism, Psychoanalysis, and the Botanical Imaginary